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Alone In A Crowd

by Alone In A Crowd

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Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anyone see what I see? Do you remember when we used to hang out? And we knew what we were ALL ABOUT? Different bands with different ideas And I’m not talking back more than TWO YEARS But now all that’s finished; gone down the drain No more scene, no more unity SCHISM REIGNS What the fuck happened to what we said? Was it some idiotic game we fucking played? Is Anybody There? Does Anybody Care? Does Anybody See What I See? We used to work together, band helped band But now it’s different, it’s OUT OF HAND It can’t be true that I’m the only one who’s proud Of the way it used to be, am I ALONE IN THE CROWD? Gotta get it back to what it was before ‘Cause we forgot what we we’re FIGHTING FOR Let’s end the bullshit, end it soon So Wwe can beat a path back To our fucking roots!
Commitment 01:29
I see fools, going on their way They go back on every word they say They go through life no worse for wear They don’t see the light ‘cause they don’t care Promises made, Promises broken All because of words hastily spoken Times change and so do you But down the line you’ve gotta Fucking Follow Through! Commitment (x4) So go ahead and live your life care free Hide behind your lies and be a nobody Just remember when push comes to shove You gotta be commited to yourself and the ones you love! Commitment (x4)
Who You Know 01:41
You’re a fucking groupie You’re in it for the social scene You know you don’t give a shit About what the message really means You don’t care about the music You don’t care about the words we say Who the fuck do you think you are anyway? You walk around like some fucking You’re getting me enraged ‘Cause you’ll crawl up anyones ass Just to be on the fucking stage It’s not who you are, it’s who you know Whot the fuck are you trying to fool If your looking for the status Then go back to your fucking high school! Who You Know (x4)
You talk big shit I’ve had your threats Now I’m going to put you to the test Don’t look for help It’s just you and me One on one, and then we’ll see Bare knuckles for gloves The streets for a ring There ain’t going to be no bell to go ding You’ve said you’reso hard So I guess you’ll be glad Whe I give you the best fight you ever had! So you think it’s funny Well you laugh in haste ‘Cause I’m gonna knock that Smile off your face Gotta hit you hard Gotta make you bleed Before you do the same to me Our time has come We’ve bothe waited long We’ll finally see Who’s weak, who’s strong The truth weill be revealed tonight When tigers fight
Doing drugs and booze everyday driving your car in a psychotic rage you don't hear what anyone says I'll read about you in the obituary page Teenager in a box yeah, they'll put you underground and no one will care cover you up with rocks you were 18, now you're a statistic Flex your head in other words use it you'll wind up dead if you try to abuse it


From the original recording from the 1989 release on Flux Records
Remastered at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket RI for the upcoming 25th anniversary release due out June 16 2014
All merch available on Atomic Action Records Big Cartel


released June 16, 2014

Jules/vocals, Lars/guitar, Howie/guitar, Carl/bass, Rob drums.
Recorded at Don Fury Studio New York November 1988
Produced and engineered by Don Fiori


all rights reserved



Atomic Action! Providence, Rhode Island

Punk/hardcore label from Rhode Island started in 1989 ended in 2000 restarted in 2012. We put out music we like by people we like. Fuck all the rest.

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