It'll Get Worse Before It Gets Better

by Fucking Invincible

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released July 15, 2014

FI is Alexis, Brian, George, Jim, Ryan
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Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air
Cover Photo by Caverly Allatt



all rights reserved


Atomic Action! Providence, Rhode Island

Punk/hardcore label from Rhode Island started in 1989 ended in 2000 restarted in 2012. We put out music we like by people we like. Fuck all the rest.

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Track Name: Not What You Are
your bullshit’s the same, no different than the last. dragged away at the heels, propped up on the feet. it doesn’t mean what you want it to mean. blackness is your cross. your bullshit’s the same, no better than the next. sold your soul to the one in second place. it doesn’t mean what you want it to mean. now there’s a funeral with your name on it.
Track Name: Dead Dogs
i envision our end: X’s for eyes and holes in our heads. sometimes we get what we ask for, sometimes we get nothing. i envision our end and we don’t come back from the dead.
Track Name: Ape as Man/Man Ape
leaning on a crooked crutch, wearing a grin of shit. how do they not make themselves fucking sick? dear america; please slit your own throat. dear america; get fucked. come glorious end. bring fire and death.
Track Name: All Good Things...
out on the town in a dead man’s skin. lying where the filth thrive. i become what i hate. desperate to find out what side i’m on. desperate to stare at the sun and go blind. i become what i hate. one foot in the gutter. one hand on the gate. one foot in the gutter. the other not too far behind me.
Track Name: The Brotherhood of Unfulfilled Early Promise
save your stones for your glass house. save those feathers for your fan. save your judgments for your sleeve, with the rest of your nonsense. board up the windows and lock all the doors, then find me a room in this house that doesn’t hurt anymore. you blame the system, you blame the police. in need of oppression to make you feel free. the real problem is people are so easily corrupted. benign insurrection doesn’t get it done. your blind misdirection isn’t enough.
Track Name: Josephine
o’ josephine, ageless and beautiful. men rest their heads upon the breast of death for you. because they love you. o’ josephine, ageless and beautiful. men throw themselves into the pits of hell for you. because they love you.
Track Name: Why Keep Score
i put my feelers out into the writhing horde of scum. i find no reflection. i find no difference. only those bleeding whores, near dead.
Track Name: The World Keeps Turning
no sense of right, no sense of wrong, go through the motions and try to belong. turn the radio on. no sense of right, no sense of wrong, wear the same clothes and sing the same songs. turn the radio off.
Track Name: By Proxy
fucking with fire never felt good and it never seemed right, but i did it anyway. now all i have to show for it are these burns on my face.
Track Name: Inconsistent and Indifferent
if not dead, if not alive, if not now, another time. who crossed the T’s who dotted the I’s? what you don’t know can hurt you sometimes.
Track Name: Followed By The Sea
it’s not all black and white: that’s the bullshit you tell yourself, so you can sleep at night. a way to pass the time until you get your hands on the next in line. tell me it’s not black and white, maybe this time you’ll get it right.
Track Name: Open All Night
most nights i think i’m asleep. most nights i think i’m awake. the minutes wipe away as the hours deteriorate. i can’t be sure whether my eyes are open or closed. it grows late. it gets worse.
Track Name: Progress Trap
nice article you stupid fuck. you wouldn’t consider creating something yourself when it’s so much easier to piss on those that follow through. you piece of shit.
Track Name: Nothing, No One
you hold out your arms like you’re some kind savior. you think you know me because you have a number. am i supposed to believe that you love me? you don’t. am i supposed to believe you’ll be there for me? you won’t. i don’t care for your look, i don’t care for your favor. i’ve no interest in running circles around each other. fuck your wants and fuck your needs. i’ve no concern for what you hold in your heart for me.