Bite: 3 Song Promo

by Raindance



"Bite" LP Coming Spring 2015

Recorded/Produced by Chris Corry at Paincave, Brighton, MA

Vocals Produced/Recorded by Trevor Reilly at Black and Blue, New Bedford, MA
Additional Vocals on "Tracks" by Nuno Pereira

Mastered by Arthur Rizk at Salomonsgate


released March 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Atomic Action! Providence, Rhode Island

Punk/hardcore label from Rhode Island started in 1989 ended in 2000 restarted in 2012. We put out music we like by people we like. Fuck all the rest.

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Track Name: Tracks
Cover your tracks.
There'll be no turning back.
God knows we're fucked but there's no time for that.
We've buried the butler, disposed of the dog.
Tied up the children, degraded the rug.

God. I told you not to fuck with me.
I've drowned a man throughout the seven seas.
Now the bounties out, its on my head.
But I've been here before, it doesn't end up like this.

Temper, temper got the best of me.
Now I'm stuck between a bullet and a rock you see.
If you were a betting man you'd say the odds are against me. But if I go down I'm bringing the world down with me.

God. I told you not to fuck with me.
I've drowned a man throughout the seven seas.
Now the bounties out, its on my head.
But I've been here before it doesn't end up like this.

Now, I've been a wanted man.
I've stood over men with there hearts still beating in my hand.
I've done this over and over again,
but I have yet to be convicted for my sins.

We're' all dead.
When you're living to die, they see no fear in your eyes.
I've done this over and over again.
Track Name: Shallow Grave
You are more than welcome to join my shallow grave.
I've been gone for sometime, but hospitality is my forte.

Now, the table's set and the guns in place, we've been here before.
But, this time I'll be the only one walking out that door.
It's Russian roulette with a heavy dose of percocet.
It's you and I under the summer sky with no will for everlasting life.
Now, join me as they bury us six feet deep.
As I prey to God, our weathered souls he dares to keep.

Oh, how I've wanted this for so long.
The touch of your skin mixed with the stench of your rotting bones.
Oh, how I've wanted you for so long.
I've been lonely and lost but, with you I am home.

Follow me to the grave.
Let the soil run through our veins.
Follow me to the grave.
Track Name: Weathered
Lay your head on my chest.
Darling, look to the sky.
Know that this is as good as it gets.
Oh yes, we'll be just fine.
I’ll rely on my charm and you and your baby blue eyes.
But when the trumpet sounds, know that I’m heading to war.
There is no turning back.
We are heaven sent.
They deserve what is coming to them.

Oh, love, Ive never felt so alive.
Young love, how they say that it dies.
Well, lets pass the time with my mouth deep between your thighs.
The look in your eyes, the warmth of your skin.
I knew right then, I would never feel this again.
Well, all good things must come to and end.
So here's to you, everlasting bliss.
The battle is over, the war has been lost.
The white flag is waving, the cork has been popped

Oh, baby, I always knew it would end up like this.
Those luscious lips turn to turning tricks
as I'm sucking down this bottle for self confidence.
But, my darling, when I find it
I swear to god you're gonna wish you were mine.

There is no hope for us. There is no hope.
This is only human nature.
It was always meant to be this way.
First we love, then we fuck, then we fuck it all away.
It's all blood, sweat, and cum in these sheets that held love.
It's all blood, sweat, and cum.
It's all blood, sweat, and cum.