You Destroy Yourself

by Sweet Jesus

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All your love spills out like gasoline, and all your love rips like sick greyhound teeth. All your love leaves with late light of day, and all your love comes back like captured slaves Behold, all your love. All your love cools like frost on my car, and all your love calms like morning alarms. All your love coughs with blood on your palms, and all your love lies with the god of Psalms. Behold, all your love.
At night when I sleep I dream the weight is lighter. And at night when I wake, I set myself on fire. The way they stay: Blonde locks on a chance to sleep. The way they stay: Blonde locks on a chance to dream. The day doesn’t wait like the night, and my sun don’t shine so bright. My sins paid in blood-red-black moonlight. A green dress. White bed. Hands pressed. Repressed. And your face: Ablaze, in the dark of a night-time craze. The day doesn’t wait like the night, and my sun don’t shine so bright. My sins paid in blood-red-black moonlight. In the morning on my knees for sunlight to blind reality. Hands clasped on my head. I’ll pray this way until the end.
The heart breaks when grief shakes it. When fathers die hard, more than life is taken. Youth’s utopia in catatonia. If the hurt spreads look me in the eyes and know I’m not the same man. How does the green Reed see the Oak tree broken by a wind destroying everything? When all the white walls fill up with black holes my fists and skull won’t begin to know about the pain in my heart I can’t seem to stop from letting rip yours apart. But I’m not the same man. I wasn’t the same man.
Black clouds over my soul on a mattress on the floor. Hard luck & raw deals sing me to sleep, While our bed sits in a frame like a photo of the day before all the glitter went grey. You hard of hearing? Or hard of seeing: The sweet smile of fortune has turned away from me. You hard of hearing? Or hard of feeling? How long must I burn before I can scream? I need some shoulder-salvation, warm & through the night, Not dust-cloud-ruination without light. If you walk out that door, I’ll see it to close just like a casket on love, forever locked. You hard of hearing? Or hard of seeing: the weight of a world undone held up high by me You hard of hearing? Or hard of feeling? How much of my soul must I bare till you can see: There is no more soul left to bare.
“Hey Pat. Here’s the money. I hope its enough. Sorry things didn’t work out. Love, .”
You say you love me, and you say you’ll help me. You say you’ll help me, and you say you’ll love me. I don’t feel a thing. I feel her hips move, and I see your lips move. I see your lips move, just like her hips move. I don’t feel a thing.
For all the pain you feel, just have a drink & I’ll feel it for you. Vodka cheap: its time to heal. In your full-bottle assault I feel it all. Grieve like a truck with no foot on the brake and drive through me. Avoid your eyes from my heart as you feel it break and see through me. In my quiet despair I feel it all, live waves all crashing on and on. Hardly breathing for you. Hardly even breathing for myself. Your son stays up all through the night, while my sun rises to fall.
I close my eyes but I can’t sleep it off, when words ring in my head. I close my eyes but I can’t sleep it off, the ones left unsaid. And in this sea of sick feelings, I also call my bed, the only vision I keep on seeing: Ten years left for dead, tossed aside, thrown away, left behind like a slave’s old chains. I wash my hands but I can’t clean it off, the stain is in my soul. I wash my hands but I can’t clean it off.... And all the shame falls on me like the waves of my sick sad sea... With regret, the past haunts and follows me. The sun in evening comes on like mockery. And now I see the master of nothing that I was. The violence of a coward who knew absolutely nothing of love.
When love lasts like a day: born anew, and gone astray, never meant to remain, in a breeze and blown away, How does man separate all the love from hate? How does man find a place for his broken faith? How does man reconcile what remains of the day? How does man come to love so wild again? Packed up the moon. Dismantled the sun. Sat in a quiet room with whitewashed grief, undone. No sight for blue skies through the view of red eyes. But the blue kept breaking on through the blinds. “And all its beauty was still the same,” so said, my North, my South, my East, my West. “Now love, wildly, again.”


After 4 years of near inactivity, Sweet Jesus is ready to unleash their debut LP; You Destroy Yourself. Recorded by J. Robbins at Magpie Cage Studio in Baltimore, You Destroy Yourself finds the band exploring deeper into their collective love of all things harDCore.

10 songs and featuring appearances by Shawn Brown (Dag Nasty/Swiz/Red Hare) and Andy Norton (Praise)

"Counting members of such forward-thinking hardcore acts as Have Heart, Fucking Invincible, Verse, and Soul Control amongst its ranks, Sweet Jesus‘ vivifying and powerful debut full-length You Destroy Yourself pays homage to late 80s/early 90s D.C. emotive hardcore without sliding into pure imitation." - DECIBEL


released March 17, 2015

Patrick Flynn - Vocals
Adam Gonsalves - Bass & Vocals
George Radford & Jim Connolly - Guitars
Shawn Costa - Drums


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Atomic Action! Providence, Rhode Island

Punk/hardcore label from Rhode Island started in 1989 ended in 2000 restarted in 2012. We put out music we like by people we like. Fuck all the rest.

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