v​/​a "You Can't Kill Me, I'm Already Dead"

by Atomic Action! Records #54

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Eight Rhode Island hardcore bands converge on RI's legendary Machines With Magnets studio and in three days churn out 16 amazing songs. Atomic Action! Records #54.


released February 10, 2013

All songs recorded, mixed and mastered at Machines With Magnets in lovely Pawtucket Rhode Island. Engineered by Seth Manchester. Mastered by Keith Souza and organized by Reba Mitchell.



all rights reserved


Atomic Action! Providence, Rhode Island

Punk/hardcore label from Rhode Island started in 1989 ended in 2000 restarted in 2012. We put out music we like by people we like. Fuck all the rest.

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Track Name: Holy Night - "Untitled (-)"
Gabe wants to kill
Track Name: Fucking Invincible - "Get Dead"
eat shit.
Track Name: Neon Bitches - "End Game"

Lords of war hide behind a pale white face
Bent on domination, enslaving the human race
Ancient orders in control bend us to their design
Population devastation the old world left behind

We know what you want and just how you’ll get it
Line your pockets and call it fucking deficit

There’s no way to fight it, it’s out of our control
Get out there and consume to aid in their goal
Join the army forces and kill when they command
We remain helpless to a world in a skeletal hand
Track Name: Neon Bitches - "Seeing Through"
Seeing Through

Burned out buildings, testaments to time
Brand new facades propagating lies
You can dress up a dog but its guts remain
Scars scream out lingering with pain

Show me progress, I’ll show you death
Show me hope, I see a world bereft
Lasting hatred, although we feign
Forever stagnant eternally chained

Continue living, a chemical response
Stuck in the cycle, all freedom’s been lost
Religious dogma, Sacrament we chew
Push the grindstone, till it crushes you.
Track Name: Raindance - "Pigs"
Lead the bodies to the trunk.
Park the Cadillac savor your lunch.
With every little road that I roam. They'll feel on their aching bones.
It never had to be this way. But you said my name in vein so I took aim. We all commit to the roles we play. So there will be no judgement come judgement day.
Pigs all Pigs. Pigs all you fucking pigs. Darling why don't you come and take a walk with me. It's all politics baby they don't mean the words they speak. There was blood and disease in this room full of wedding rings. But the difference here is. We dispose of the hostages that we catch. Fees the bodies to the fucking pigs. We leave no trace of dental records. Oh the look on their eyes shows me I'm still alive.
Track Name: Raindance - "Drug Tongue"
Drug tongue
No one out on this road, and im so far from home. With this bottle of booze and this booklet of poems. You are dressed to impress your lips luscious and red with the taste of cigarettes lying under your breath. I know we know. I am better then this. So drive your knees through my weathered chest. The weight of the world lies beneath your breasts. Pull the plug I'm not cut out for this. Watch me swallow my own tongue. I've nailed myself to the cross. We're all dying to be loved. We take comfort in this drug. God fearing self loathing heart beating still choking. Oh how i love to swing amongst the summer breeze. the noose is tied around my neck i know what it means to breath. We're all dying to be loved. Watch me swallow my own tongue.
Track Name: Barnswallow - "Bruiser"
Broken and dishelved beaten and bruised
My bodys still healthy my minds been abused
No one can really tell nobody even cares
I'm alone in my prision sanity slips through these tears
Contusions and deep cuts
Not one can be seen
Each one of them hurt so much
How could you be so mean
No one can save me
From the state that I am in
Theres nothing left to do
I am forced to give in
Contusions and deep cuts
Not one can be seen
Each one of them hurt so much
How could you be so mean
Sanity slips through these tears
Track Name: Barnswallow - "Sandbar"
Maybe I'll just bury myself,
along with potential I've strangled to death.
Smothering every "what if"
in the hole where I and chances die.
Buried alive by abstract notions.
Asleep in the sand
swept up by the ocean.
The next hole I dig I bury the shovel.
Please don't destroy the mystery
Track Name: Weak Teeth - "here come that train a'comin' blues"
Here Come That Ole' Train A-Coming Blues

I can't seem to get it right,
Not one decision in my fucking life.
These days I'm only ever scared,
Not like anybody cares.

I've lost so much, I'm barely even here
It's probably better if I disappeared.
Loved ones are strangers to me, pretend not to hear me when I speak.

I'm sick of my voice too, so whats the use?
My problems feel petty, my words are re-used
Sometimes the world eats you, with no excuse,
Skins will get thicker or numbers get reduced.
Track Name: Weak Teeth - "I Do Believe We're Naked By Funky See, Funky Do"
I Do Believe We're Naked By Funky See, Funky Do.

A city of tombstones
Where nothing good survives,
Where every persons fucking dead inside.

They waste this
and build their walls,
Expect you to walk around like nothings wrong.

This won't be my, cross.
This won't be my cross

Not when I know
There's men and women out there working
To change a culture they don't recognize.
They're never scared
to make this contribution
Everyday we defend, to give back to what saved our lives.

I'd only ever been told I was wrong
That I wasting my time
That there's no future in any of this
No matter how hard we try
But we'll keep building thanklessly
While you keep wondering why,
This gave me everything.
So I'm not going to watch it die.

Shut us out of your clubs, and we'll build our own
Give us what no one wants, we'll make that our home
Let those in the margins see, they are not alone
What we've built is a world you will never know,

You will never know
You will never know
You will never know
You will never own.
Track Name: Idiot Vehicle - "Doomsday"
I walk upon the wall
not to short, not to tall
I feed the gravel pit
This is that, and that is it

I walk the buzzards ball
not to short, not to tall
They pull and scratch and tear
I just sit back and stare

Is it reality or just a nightmare (discharge!)?

Born in two with both eyes open
Looking for the trees
Born before the skies had faded
There's no need for me
To say sorry

Doomsday, doomsday
Your invited
Packaged without stain

Doomsday, doomsday
Lined with plastic

I'm drowning
In fucking Sleepy's
Track Name: Convul - "Rogue Ion"
Seperate from our core by one bridge through the orb, sun refracts off distant glass. The plates of time begin to pass. Souls are born through science god; queen of nature, king of thought. And in this lapse of the light the rogues will rise, inhabitants of their maker's eyes. In the same halls they made creatures sit. They lay in wait. They turn their gaze. Begin to praise the delivery of golden grain. Momentary bliss til eclipse, mother's eyes get blacked out. Now they become the gods they loved through trials of pen and blood. The rogues step back garbed in hoods. They resurrect aurora woods. Momentary bliss til eclipse, father's eyes have turned down. And when the light fills up the air the beings will start to stare. All of the beauty overwhelming. One rogue has stitched the tear.
"I guess I'm just really interested in the universe. I'm not as much interested in how it actually works, as much as I'm interested in the stories it becomes. There are so many places we have never been. Each time I write one, it becomes real. Because who's to tell me they aren't real. You have never been there, but I have. He comes to me in the night and tells me all of life's secrets. He whispers in my ear, this is how life became. He reminds me in the morning, of how Andrew dreamt. We floated on plates, with no definite goal. "What other dreams did you visit that night?" he asks me, as if to mock my ignorance. I of course do not remember. I am only human, where he is spiritual energy. I'll close my eyes, and let him enter. He of course doesn't have eyes. Always awake. I don't mind if he watches, though, he is only here to observe. Neither malice nor love dwells inside the nothingness, only knowledge. Why he has chosen me I may never know. Possibly when I die he will let me in. But probably not, I am nothing to him. I am just a mouse that he watches in this maze. He wears a lab coat, but not a lab coat. He wears nothing. He has no body. I write this and I wait for him to form in front of me, to say the next line.
I shake with fear at the thought of his form, my shoulders begin to feel pressed down. I am alone in my living room as I type this. But I am not alone. Because he watches."
Track Name: Convul - "Permanance Plantations"
They stare off. They idolize. They can't stop. They're going blind. The planets turn, shine on a new ground. The hermits start casting stones.
Why are we still fenced in?
Spitting and throwing bolts,cursing and tearing through. Just look at us please look at us please look at. Why create us in your image just to die? Existance without love is simply dry. You left us without the lakes but surely fire in barren lands is never short supply. Skin is dried and cracking, burnt and wearing thin. Our ribs are showing, horns are growing.
Light and water. The gifts you brought our siblings while our dirt grew hotter. Love and caring. What you brought the light side as sirens were blaring. The few drops were only a tease to keep us going while you stepped out.
The jealousy of society, the knowledge of our world.
Surely we cannot love when shoved down in a hole.
The ignorance of pampered life, the comfort of a home.
Surely we cannot love, when we believe we're alone.
A mother's eyes, two distant stars, blind to our two worlds. She has no sons.